This particular Ferrari 456

What is remarkable about this particular Ferrari is that it’s in perfect running condition. The car was capable of driving up to great distance even today in 2017. This particular unit was made in 1994 and registered a year later. And yet after 22 years (god I feel old!) this car feels just as relevant as any performance car produced today.

Sure, it does not have the Manettino switch, it does not sport active aerodynamics, no plaque with the Formula 1 championship or flappy paddles behind the steering wheels. What is has, is amazing sex appeal and romance on the open road. It’s about style, it’s about the presence. Every line and design is there to look amazing, with function taking a back seat unlike the Ferrari’s of today. From the gear shifter feel, the leather seat’s prancing horse emboss, and the pop up headlamps. Oh yes, those gloriously 90’s pop up headlamps. Where has all these subtle showmanship gone in today’s Ferrari’s?

There are plenty of new age Ferrari’s on our roads, make no mistake those are fine machines but in the light of this magnificent GT, the newer cars simply pale away. Today’s Ferrari’s take things a little too serious, while this car belonged in a simpler time. Behind the wheel of this car you know you will be a stand out wherever you go, you know you have the alfa of the breed, you know that you’re a connoisseur and not just one in the party. You live the life everybody dreams of.

The best part is, this fantasy can be yours for RM 356,000.00 (neg)  from the good lads at Historic Motoring Ventures. These are the same people that runs the prestigious Asia Klasika Concourse. Get these guys a call and view the car yourself to really appreciate its unmistakable presence. To view the car or to get more information on it please contact Historic Motoring Ventures at : 0163380779 or email them at: 

Vehicle Summary

Make: Ferrari
Model: 456 GT
Year of Make: 1994
Registered in Malaysia: 1995
Engine Capacity: 5.4 liters
Engine output: 442 bhp
Retail Price: RM 356,000
Dealers: Historic Motoring Ventures 

Route Hunters Marques: 1994 Ferrari 456 GT

The Year 1992

1992 was the year where things were moving towards the ‘future’. One Mr Clinton becomes the US President and the Somalian Civil war kicks it to high gear. Mobile phones were still big enough to be holstered like a gun, and flat screen TV was not even in the imagination of the general public.

Besides Sharon Stones ‘most paused moment in movie history’ leg crossing scene, there were plenty of actions taking place in 1992, especially in the automotive front. While Porsche was still selling the air cooled 964 and the 993 was not due until 1994, automotive design was moving towards rounded edges against the boxy trend of the 80’s. The RX-7 was launched, so was the 300ZX.

The “Genting Taxi” Sentra’s had just debuted, and so did the E100 ‘baby Lexus’ Corolla and the legendary EG civic. Aesthetics was fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Style was injected into everything that was around and even the high end spectrum of the automotive world were beginning to pick up the paces. And no one knows style better than the Italians. However, no one, I mean no one was prepared to receive the surprise that was coming out of Maranello.  

Ferrari’s first front engine V12 in a while….

In 1992, Ferrari lifted its covers for their latest 12 cylinder flagship, the Ferrari 456. Ferrari did not have a front engine 12 cylinder GT for a while, the last one being the 365GTB/4 a.k.a Daytona and the Ferrari 400i. The flagship Ferrari at that time was the flat-12, gloriously wedged 512 TR which was still stuck in the 80’s themed squared looks. And then this came by. In one word I can sum up this entire write up, BEAUTIFUL. That’s all you need to know about this car

Looks to kill

Its 25 years old, and it looked like it could have rolled out of Maranello today. The smiling front end, low slung nose, the large side air vents, and that boat-tail like back end. Inside, the exquisite leather lined interior void of any form of screens or touch panels oozes appeal. The gated shifter and that 3 spoke steering wheel beckons you to take it out on the open road and let that V12 sing on top of it’s lungs! Unlike the 365GTB and the Testarossa or 512 TR, the 456 was a proper 2+2 GT. You could legitimately bring four adults and their luggage on long journeys in this car. Back when it was launched, it was the fastest 4 seat car in the world, and rightly so. 

It is, after all, a V12 Ferrari 

456 denotes the number of cubic centimetres per cylinder. Multiplied by 12, and the displacement is a whopping 5.4 litres. The quad-cam 4 valve per cylinder unit pumped up 442bhp, which were monumental numbers back in the day. Even today, with this particular unit sporting the exhaust from the Ferrari 550, the unmistakable wail of a 12 cylinder NA unit rips across the Titiwangsa mountain range as we climbed towards our shooting spot in the hills. Our resident photographer cited that even in fourth and fifth gear, there’s a strong shove the moment the driver puts down the accelerator in this car from as low as 3000 rpm. Despite all that power, this relatively unstressed Ferrari engine is bullet proof as long as regular maintenance and ‘exercise’ is carried out. 

​A Grand Tourer

Not a stiff rider, perfect balance, yet agile handling. These traits make this car such a doodle to drive on the Malaysian B roads. Of course, we being Route Hunters, chose a shoot location well into the mountains. The poor owner of this Ferrari was forced to wake up for us at ungodly hours for the first rays of sunrise. The car was always planted with plenty of grip from the tyres. Of course, being a car from 1992, its body roll seems alarming by today’s standards but rest assured it’s still well and truly planted and can hold a steady cruise at 250kmh and above all day long.