For a car priced under RM50,000, the 2018 Kia Picanto features some pretty clever feature that makes it, dare we say, purchase of the year? If anything this little car can hold its own against much pricier rivals like the Honda Jazz. We can't wait to take this plucky Kia on our Route Hunters driving adventures to fully explore its many talents, watch this space!

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3. Steering in the right way

Out goes the 2-spoke steering which is replaced with a sporty, leather wrapped, 3-spoke steering wheel similar to the RM179,000-plus Kia Optima GT. 

This definitely boost the appeal of the Kia Picanto’s interior as the new 3-spoke steering wheel is so much nicer to hold in your hands and inspire confidence even when the car is standstill.

5 reasons why the 2018 Kia Picanto should be your next car

On the 10th Jan 2018, Naza Kia finally launched the 3rd generation Picanto. With Naza Kia pricing the car at RM49,888, its now even cheaper than the previous generation Picanto, despite having features that are uncommon for this segment. So here's a heads up on whats hot about the all-new Picanto.

5. Its a tiny fortress of steel

With 44% usage of Advance High Strength Steel (AHSS), this petite Kia is 32% stiffer than its predecessor. 

Stiffer chassis means the car has better stability during cornering, which is joyous for hardcore Route Hunters members. Also in the unfortunate event of a collision, you are well protected by this bodyshell. 

2. Lights, LED and Action

In addition to the previous gen cars Daytime LED running lights, the current gen Picanto comes with LED turn signals as well. 

This is handy as your turn signals will be clearly visible to other motorists, and they are aware of your change of direction. The next cheapest car that features LED turn signals would be the 2016 Honda Civic TC-P or the Peugeot 308 THP which priced at RM130k and above.

4. Slippery Aerodynamics

The new Kia Picanto now has proper air curtains that help the car cut through air more efficiently, just like in a  million-plus-Ringgit Ferrari F12.  

This help reduce the frontal surface area and therefore reduce drag. That, in turn, leads to lower fuel bills especially on long motorway cruises. 

1. Please dont stop the Music

The new Picanto comes with a floating head unit, just like in a BMW 3 series or Audi A4 and comes equppied with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. 

But what really impressed us is the responsiveness of the head unit. The speakers fitted on this car, the sound quality and staging is vastly improved from the previous gen car. All these ensures that you can pair your Android / Apple device to the car with ease and not miss a beat with your favorite tune.