Route Hunters Membership Program

Route Hunters was started for the love of driving, tracing the best driving roads in Malaysia. With emphasis towards roads that cancel out or mellow down horsepower advantage, we focused towards the driver rather than what they drove. Just like the famous line from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, “it’s not about the ride, it’s about the rider”, we believe in investing in the driver and honing the driving capabilities first. Only then can one truly appreciate their rides, the work done to it and the various courses we run our drivers on to the fullest.

As part of ensuring the members of our club have complete peace of mind in their motoring experience with us, we, in partnership with Koperasi Gemilang Malaysia Berhad, would like to offer the Route Hunters Premium Membership Program.

Premium Membership benefits include;

1. 12 months instalment for motoring insurance renewal*

Get your annual motoring insurance renewed in 12 instalments with us, and save yourself with the huge void in your wallet when it comes to renewal day! The lesser you spend on one go for your car, the more miles you can enjoy fuelling it up for those Route Hunter drives.

2. Personal Accident coverage of up to RM 50,000*

Health and safety is always top priority for Route Hunters and its members. Get yourself a comprehensive coverage by top healthcare insurers, Kurnia Insurance or Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad for up to RM 50,000. Safety is important, but it’s more important to ensure nothing is left to change

3. Savings program with guaranteed annual dividence of 7%*

Your money makes money. Your membership fee earns an annual dividence of 7% guaranteed on a year. The more you save, the more you earn. And you can withdraw ………

4. Financial aid for major repairs / upgrade works for your ride.

Major repairs or upgrades can be a financial speed breaker at times. Soften the blow with our financial aid facility offered from RM 5000 onwards to help get your car on the road, and onwards to our drives. Enjoy your driving pleasure without the risk of harming your wallet.

5.Special Discounts of regular service maintenance (Liquid Moly lubricants)*

Get the VIP treatment from our technical partners for regular service maintenance, performed by highly skilled technicians employing the class leader in motoring lubricants, Liquid Moly.

6.Special Discounts on tyres and alignment packages.

Tyres are very crucial for safe and fast driving. Always keep your tyres and alignment in check, ensure there is a healthy thread depth on them, and get your tyre pressure checked too. Get your tyre needs sorted out with Route Hunters technical partners with a variety of options and the least amount of impact on your wallet.

7.Travel and Tour benefits

Relax and unwind with our various travel and tour facilities both locally and internationally at competitive rates.There are lots more benefits with our program, and we will be introducing more facilities and benefits over time. For more info please feel free to contact us at