What an Everyday Joe thinks about the Peugeot Traveller?

Its common for automotive geeks like us to rave about the technical abilities of a car like the Peugeot Traveller, like we did in the
full review.What about the everyday joe though? Will this car appeal to someone like them? We ask Free Malaysia Today journalist Preedep Nambiar on what he thinks of the Peugeot Traveller and here are his thoughts. 

Are the driving aids really that good?

I must say it is the best parking sensors and reverse camera I have ever used, showing you real-time snaps of your surroundings, even in the dark. I managed to park in a lot meant for say, a Innova, with relative ease. It is so confidence-inspiring and for me that is the biggest selling point of the car.

What do you think about its size? 

Its sheer size might deter many people from ever stepping into one, but nevertheless I feel the Traveller could be unfairly judged by common Malaysians. There is always double standards in play. So the Alphards and Vellfires of the yore is okay but anything just a smidgen larger is a no-no.

Would you buy this over an Alphard or a Vellfire?

I’d buy this car if I wanted to stand out from the sea of Alphards and Vellfires. 

What about the power?

Power is more than adequate for a car packed to the brim. Was quite surprised with the torque with the pedal down. More than enough for a highway ride or short roads in Penang.

How about the interior?

Interior is lovely with beautifully appointed seats, long, extending panoramic sunroof and some mood lighting. Mood lighting could have been better…couldn’t tell it was there until I stumbled upon it.

Does it look good?

In the looks department, it fulfils the criteria of being menacing. Yes, Malaysian drivers are big bullies, haven’t you heard? You buy a big car, you got to look fierce, or you can stick with your Fiat Multipla.

Does it mean its difficult to drive?

I'm sure those driving a Starex can attest that driving large cars like the Traveller need experience, especially getting in and out of tight spots. But driving a Traveller is easy as driving a SUV. Steering has right weight for a car this class. Drives easily. For me, the cherry on top of the pie is definitely Traveller's excellent all-round parking sensors.